Treating erectile dysfunction with Viagra, is it right for you?

Viagra Australia
Viagra in Australia

Viagra is a medicine that is known to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in which men are unable to get and or keep an erection firm enough during sexual intercourse. There are several different conditions that can cause Erectile Dysfunction. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is blocked blood flow to the penis. Viagra is also known to help with pulmonary hypertension, which is high blood pressure that will affect the arteries in the heart and lungs.

Viagra works to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow to the penis, which allows men to keep an erection during sexual intercourse. Viagra is not a stimulant, and will only work when the man is sexually stimulated.

Viagra is usually only taken on an as needed basis. It should be take about 30 minutes to one hour before sexual activity, as it can take up to four hours to work. The amount of time it takes for Viagra to work, depends on the does that you have taken. Once you find the correct does you will find it easier to get an erection. Viagra will usually last from two to three hours, before the effects of the medicine begin to diminish.

Viagra, under the name of Revatio, can also be used to treat pulmonary hypertension.

The medicine works to widen the walls of arteries, which increases blood flow and reduces the strain on the heart. It is taken three times a day to treat Pulmonary Hypertension. There are some side effects including nose bleeds, headache, shortness of breath and upset stomach. If allergic reaction or hearing loss occur you should call a doctor immediately. It should not be used on children.

There are side effects that can occur while taking Viagra.

The most common side effects include heading, upset stomach, stuffy or runny nose, back and/or muscle pain, and abnormal vision. More serious side effects include an erection that won’t go away, vision loss in one or two eyes and sudden hearing loss. It is important to seem medical help right away if you experience any of these. Alcohol should be avoided while taking Viagra. Alcohol can lower your blood pressure along with Viagra, making it very dangerous. Alcohol also decreases the blood flow within the penis, which makes getting an erection more difficult. Taking Viagra while also taking certain medicines can be dangerous. Medicines given to treat chest pain, call nitrates, combined with Viagra can cause your blood pressure to fall to a dangerous level.

In Australia, men are able to obtain Viagra without a prescription if they are over the age of 18.

It can be bought over the counter, from a pharmacist. The pharmacist will be able to consult with patients to determine if Viagra is right for them. Men with heart problems, liver failure and those taking certain other medications will need a prescription from a doctor. Viagra can also be bought in many online pharmacies without a prescription. The price varies because the dose of Viagra that can be bough also varies. It is always safest to talk to your doctor before beginning to take Viagra.