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The uses and Side Effects of Viagra

Viagra is a high quality drug that is meant for treating the erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. It is made from very active ingredients that makes it a great option for acquiring the best erection in men. You need to only have the recommended dosage, which is a single dose in 24 hours.

Viagra Australia

Viagra Australia

How does it work?

Viagra works in adding one get the ultimate erection and for a long period of time. To ensure this, it acts by increasing blood flow to the penis. This will make the penis fully erect and even withstand long-hour erection. You will therefore be able to perform at your best in bed. Besides treating the erectile dysfunction, it is also suitable for use in treating high blood pressure in the lungs.

How should you use Viagra?

The performance of the Viagra will always be determined by how you administer it. The drug should be taken about 30 minutes before sexual activity. This will give it time to allow for the blood to flow to the penis for the erection to take place. You should also never take Viagra more than one time in just 24 hours. This will be very dangerous to your life and may bring about the side effects.

Who or when should you not use Viagra?

It is always advisable to seek the attention of your doctor before using Viagra. This is because Viagra may contain certain inactive ingredients that may bring about certain health complications. You should also never use the drug when you are under any nitrate medication.

The other people who should not use the drug are those suffering from either low or high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, chest pain and many more. To avoid such complications, you need to get advice from your doctor before using it.

Side effects

Despite being very perfect, Viagra has several side effects on the user, hence you need to take immediate action in case you experience any of the side effects. Some of the common side effects include; blurred vision, headache, dizziness, flushing, upset stomach and nausea. You should also seek immediate medication when the erection lasts for more than four hours or feel a lot of pain during the process of having sex.

Where to buy Viagra?

Buying Viagra is very elementary as you can always get it online at affordable prices. The drug is also available locally.


You should always be aware that by using Viagra, you are not preventing yourself from acquiring any sexually transmitted diseases, hence you need to be very cautious.

These are some of the basics that you need to be informed about before using Viagra. It is a very effective drug, but has some side effects. You can always buy it either locally or online at pocket friendly prices.

Cialis is a drug that you can use when treating erectile dysfunction for men who have trouble having a strong erection. When you do use the medicine, you will be sure that you would improve your sexual health in an amazing way. In addition, research has shown that Cialis can treat symptoms and signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia commonly known as enlarged prostate.

However, this claim is under investigations when you need the best options when making your choice. Many people have used Cialis to treat a problem of pulmonary arterial hypertension or high blood pressure in lungs. You should know the uses of the drug before using it especially when you need the best results that would enhance your health.

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How do you use it?

When using Cialis, you must ensure you take it as directed. When you do not follow the dose, you may have side effects that may have a huge impact on your health. In addition, ensure you read the instructions as directed when planning to make your choice.

Swallow this tablet completely. Do not split, crush or break it when swallowing. You should ensure that you follow the instructions given before using the medicine. In addition, talk to your pharmacist or doctor if you have questions. Store this medicine at a room temperature in a closed container and away from moisture, heat and direct light.

What are the possible side effects?

You will definitely note the following side effects:

  • Allergic reaction such as Itching or hives
  • Tingling or swelling in your, chest tightness, mouth or throat trouble breathing
  • swelling in your hands or face
  • Blistering, red skin rash or peeling
  • Chest pain
  • Lightheadedness, fainting
  • Painful erection or you having an erection lasting longer than 3 hours
  • Sudden hearing loss, decrease in hearing, dizziness or ringing in your ears
  • Sudden vision loss
  • Back or muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Stuffy or even runny nose
  • Upset stomach, nausea
  • Warmth or redness in your arms, face, neck, or upper chest


How do you buy it?

You should ensure that you choose reputable companies when buying your Cialis. Through ensuring that you read the reviews of customers, you will always be sure that you would make an informed choice especially when looking for these deals.

Through a proper research, you will always be sure that you would get these Cialis when making your choice during your purchase. You should also tell your doctor to assist when buying them.

In the end, the above is a review of Cialis to help you when using it.