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All About Kamagra Jelly - Order Kamagra jelly in Melbourne

Kamagra Jelly is an erectile dysfunction medicine which is a generic for Viagra. It is manufactured by a company in India called Ajanta Pharma. The main ingredient in this medication is 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate. It comes in form of pills or oral jelly of different flavors such as, banana, strawberry, orange and pineapple. It is preferred choice to Viagra, since it is cheap and one doesn’t need to have doctor’s order to use or order it. It also saves a lot of men embarrassment of having to tell the doctor or second person of the erectile dysfunction issues.

This medication was initially manufactured to treat angina, but ironically, it didn’t treat it, instead it increased the blood flow towards the genitals. Since then, it became one of the remedy for erectile dysfunction in men.

Order Kamagra jelly in Melbourne

Order Kamagra jelly in Melbourne

Kamagra jelly contains active ingredient sildenafil that causes erection, this ingredient works on the erectile tissue by relaxing the blood vessels, thus allowing increase blood flow to the penis,therefore, hard erection is achieved. Sildenafil also has an enzyme called a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. PDE5 prevents blood from flowing to the penis resulting in erection failure. The PDE5 enzyme is broken down by PDE5 inhibitor in sildenafil of Kamagra thus allowing normal blood flow to the penis that result in normal erection.

Kamagra should be taken within one hour before sexual intercourse. Maximum results are achieved when it is taken when the penis is already erected. Its effect usually last for about 4-6 hours. The whole dose of 100mg should be taken by people over 18 years. People over 65 years should only take half the dose of 50 mg. It should also be noted that,Kamagra oral jelly and Kamagra tablet is the same drug but the later acts faster than the former.

Just like any other drug, Kamagra oral Jelly has side effects. The most common minor side effects that have been reported by the people who have used it are: headache, nasal congestion, flushing, rashes, indigestion, dizziness and diarrhea. The dangerous or rather serious side effects include: irregular heartbeat, burning sensation during urination, smelly urine, and blood in the urine, fainting, nose bleeding, visual disturbances like blurred visions and headache that doesn’t go away after medication.


This medication has several contraindications. It should not be taken if you have high blood pressure, allergy to sildenafil, cardiac diseases or if you are taking other medication such as nitroglycerin as it may lead to severe hypotension. You should also not take this drug is you have liver disease or eyes disease in particular retinitis pigmentosa or if you are a woman or under 18 years of age.


Do not take Kamagra is you are using Nitrate medication such as nitroglycerin. You should also not use it if you are taking blood pressure medications and HIV medications. It is advisable to consult your doctor if you are taking any other drugs.

Levitra Treatment for erectile dysfunction - Buy Levitra online

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual issue that has been a thorn in a man’s ordinary sexual life. This sexual issue is a standout amongst the most frustrating and disturbing problem for men around the globe. It is a condition that impairs a man from accomplishing joy while engaged with a sexual activity. If you are experiencing this condition, you might encounter trouble in accomplishing an erection while sexually stimulated. A few men, although they might at first accomplish an erection, might think that it’s hard to manage it sufficiently long to complete the follow up on an agreeable note. Rather than torment from this condition for quite some time, it is prudent to treat the condition using the Levitra.

Buy Levitra online

Buy Levitra online

Weakness, as erectile dysfunction is prevalently known as, can be treated with the assistance of various treatment strategies. Topical meds, creams that you can apply on your penis before taking part in a sexual experience, can help you treat the condition. There are over the counter pills accessible available that can likewise be utilized for treating this condition. A few men additionally settle on penile inserts keeping in mind the end goal to enhance their erection while being sexually stirred. Penile infusion treatment is yet another treatment technique that is utilized for treating weakness. Mechanical gadgets, for example, vacuum pumps are additionally accessible for treating this condition.

The best of all treatment techniques are the physician endorsed meds that you can get yourself recommended after a point by point conference with a specialist. The advantage of these prescriptions is that on counseling your specialist, you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the solution will be suitable for you. The primary solution to be presented as a medicine treatment for barrenness was Viagra. As of late, a few other physician recommended medicines, for example, Levitra have been presented onto the market. This pill comprises of vardenafil, as its boss segment, with the assistance of which it treats the condition adequately.

Levitra 10mg works by relaxing the penile arteries and expanding the blood stream to your penis, bringing about a firm and dependable erection. This pill has turned out to be especially compelling in men who are 50 years old or above. It is particularly compelling in men who are experiencing basic healthy condition, for example, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and elevated cholesterol. Levitra 10mg is required to be taken around 25 minutes preceding you participating in a sexual demonstration. The impacts of this pill keep going for up to five hours, permitting you to appreciate sexual experiences for the time period.

Some of the basic things that you should remember while consuming Priligy for erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation is not a less known problem among men. As a matter of fact, so many men around the world can have this problem and there are so many medicines as well that can help them deal with this situation. Most of those medicines are available over the counter, but do not give any assured result to you. While some prescription medicines are also there that can give really good result to you and Priligy is one of these medicines. This medicine can increase the time of ejaculation and you have more control also on it.

Priligy buy online Australia

Priligy buy online in Australia

In case, you are wondering how to use priligy, then answer is very simple, you need to use to as per your doctor’s guidance. Since, this medicine is available only with prescription so you must need to use it as per your doctor’s opinion. If we talk about the common dose for same, then mostly your doctor will recommend you to use 30mg priligy before 1 to 3 hours of your sexual relationship. In some cases, they may also ask you to increase the drug dosage by 60 mg depending on the results and its effects.

When you consume the priligy, then you can take it after food or empty stomach as well. But you should never consume the same with alcohol. If you will use it with alcohol then it will create a lot of side effect for you. Also, you should never consume the same medicine twice in less than 24 hours. IF you will do this then you can have side effects that comes with overdose of this medicine. These side effects could be very serious and in some situations, you may need to rush to the doctors due to overdose of the priligy.

Along with these things, you also need to make sure that you are not taking the priligy along with any other medicine. If you are already consuming any regular medicine for any health situation, then you should inform your doctor for same to avoid any kind of reaction or issues in the medicine. Other than this, you may also have some allergy with few medicines and if you know such things, then you should give that information to your doctor. That will certainly help your doctor to take the decision in much better way and you will be able to have better sexual pleasure while consuming the priligy for treatment of erectile dysfunction problem.