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Cialis review

Cialis, known also as Tadalafil, is very different from the well-known Viagra. What are the differences? Well let’s start from active principle. Viagra has sildenafil while Cialis has PDE-5.

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What does that mean?

PDE-5 grant a much longer duration, about 36 hours. So am I going to have an erection for 36 hours?? No don’t worry, you always need a stimulation in order to have an erection. What does PDE-5 is giving you the ability to overcome your impotence for 36 hours straight. That’s a lot compared to other products such as Kamagra oral jelly which operates for maximum 6 hours, depending on your body.
However Cialis is also known for its disease mongering which is caused when you assume this product only for recreational purposes and not for medical purposes.

Side effects:

you could have a little headache and really rarely a little bit of amnesia. This side effects turn off in about 48 hours from assumption.
The right amount to take is about 20g which corresponds to a pill. Once taken it starts to have effect in about 15-30 minutes. The steam of blood grows and goes into the genital zone and finally into your penis.
Be Careful to talk with your doctor because there are several therapeutic indications that disagree on taking cialis. Also remember that this product it’s a cure for erectile dysfunction, so don’t go too easy on that !
If you live in Australia you can get Cialis from your pharmacy, but I’ll suggest to talk to your doctor first and see if you can use this product. Alternatively you can order online but this is at your own risk.
Probably for a recreational I’d suggest taking Kamagra oral jelly which has a shorter duration, but a really good effect on your penis.
As always remember that it’s not the pill that makes you a good lover, it’s the commitment you put on it.

Said so: happy sex!

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About erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many men around the world. This condition is more common on men over the age of 40 but some young men experience this as well. ED generates a lot of shame and embarrassment and these are the main reasons of why it often remains untreated in fact it has a 90% rate of cases that remain untreated. The embarrassment of having to deal with erectile dysfunction is so big that men are afraid of even seeking medical help and having to explain this condition to a doctor. Suffering ED usually means that there are other underlying health conditions and this is something that must be taken quite seriously as it’s associated with poor blood circulation and diabetes. The stats say that 1 out of 10 men over the age of 40 in Australia suffers from erectile dysfunction and that 1 out of 5 men in Australia suffers from an erection problem. Erectile dysfunction is getting more and more common as time goes by, this is mainly due to the lack of exercise and commodity. There are many products in the Australian market that help to solve this problem, at least on a short term.

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Viagra and Sildenafil

Viagra is one of the most popular treatments available in the market and it’s also one of the most famous products worldwide. This product has a great reputation and this is mainly due to the effectiveness that this medicine has. Viagra is also one of the most counterfeited products in the world so the buyer must be careful and buy it from a dealer with a serious reputation. The main component of Viagra is Sildenafil. This medicine helps the muscles in the penis relax making blood flow to this part of the body with more allowing the penis to become erect allowing better quality and longer erections. In order for it to work there must be sexual desire. Viagra must be taken 20 to 60 minutes before having intercourse in order for the effect to kick in. The Australian market has many stores that sell this product. Most buyers prefer online stores rather than going to a physical location store. Online stores have gained a lot of popularity since they usually sell the product at a lower cost and also because they allow the buyer to save face. Online companies ship the product in a discrete envelope having a high rate of confidentiality. Buyers can purchase the product without a medical prescription, this is also a huge advantage. The online market generate more sales than the physical market.

Precautions and side effects

Viagra has proven to be quite effective but it’s also a medicine that must be taken with extreme care. One of the most important things to have in mind is that this treatment must never be mixed with medicines that contain nitrates as this can be a really dangerous combination. The user must also be at a lookout for the potential side effects that while uncommon can bring serious consequences and in some cases permanent damage. Some of the side effects include vision loss, hearing loss, numbness in extremities of the body, chest pains, fainting and priapism (an erection that can be painful and that lasts for a period longer than 4 hours) among others.

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Kamagra is just one of the medications out there which can help men who have erectile dysfunction. It is available in Australia and elsewhere around the world. It can make a huge difference in men’s lives since this condition causes a lot of hardship. It isn’t just physical either as some might think. There is a lot of emotion wrapped up with intimacy for most people, and when that is jeopardized it can be hard to handle.

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There is a stigma attached to this condition. Men often don’t even want to talk about it. They think it makes them less of a man. Society has long believed only the sick or infirm suffer from it. This is of course not true. Regular men suffer from it as well. It’s much more common than you might think. Men just aren’t talking about it so you don’t hear about how many really have it. You probably know men who have it right now.

If you don’t want to talk about your erectile dysfunction in general conversation that’s understandable but you should definitely tell your partner at the very least. If you don’t this could create a huge problem. They could begin to think the issue is their fault and that you simply don’t desire them anymore rather than realizing it’s a medical condition which you can’t help having. They may come to resent you. This has spelled the end of many relationships. Definitely let them know what’s going on so the two of you can come to a solution together because there are many out there. There are many kinds of intimacy besides just intercourse so it doesn’t have to be gone from your life.

You should also speak to your doctor. Medications like Kamagra usually need a prescription so you need them to know about it. A doctor in Perth can also help find the underlying reason for the erectile dysfunction. It’s all well and good to take medication for it but it might be treatable and then you wouldn’t have to forever. There are many reasons for this condition and some are easily cured while others aren’t. When you do speak to your doctor be sure to mention any medications you already take as well. This really matters because your erectile dysfunction could react with one of them. Drug reactions are sometimes serious. Don’t leave any medications out, not even ones you got over the counter. Health supplements should even be mentioned.

Not everyone can take medication for erectile dysfunction. Some are on medications with which it will react negatively and some just aren’t healthy enough. If you are one of those you will need to find other forms of intimacy so the bond between you and your partner can remain strong. There are many books about this. There is also a wealth of information online. You can get your partner in on this so the two of you can come up with things together. They will likely appreciate being included in the pursuit of a solution since this issue doesn’t affect only them. It affects everyone involved in the relationship, though it might be in different ways. It is important to remember that. It’s easy to get caught up in your own feelings and to forget you aren’t the only one dealing with it.