This is a type of drug which helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The medication is basically designed to manage the problem of impotence in men. Viagra has greatly proved to be the most helpful and effective medicine procurable, which every man with impotence difficulty must have.

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How does Viagra work?

Viagra has an active component referred to as Sildenafil citrate which naturally has an effect on the response to sexual stimulation. Sildenafil component acts by enhancing smooth muscle repose using nitric oxide; a chemical produced in response to sexual stimulation. Smooth muscle relaxation boosts the flow of blood in the body including areas of the penis, which leads to a long and hard erection during sexual intercourse.

Viagra Dosage

Using Viagra is very simple as it does not involve any complex procedures. You are required to keep a tablet under your tongue, making sure that it completely dissolves. Take the drug is usually taken 10 to 20 minutes before the sexual activity. You also need understand that taking a high fat meal can a times delay the time of effect of the drug; thus, you are advised to avoid eating grapefruits and drinking grapefruit juice when you are using Viagra. Additionally, before you begin taking Sildenafil, you need to confirm from your doctor that you are not allergic to the drug. Do not to take the drug more than once a day. But in case you accidentally use too much of the drug, make sure that you seek an emergency medical attention.

Viagra Side effects

The most common side effects experienced from the use of Viagra include:

· Flushing

· Diarrhea

· Nasal stuffiness

· Headache

· Heartburn

· Stomach upset

· Dizziness

It is not normal to experience a serious allergic reaction to Viagra; nevertheless, if it happens you should seek medical help right away. Most researches carried out reveals that people who have used the drug have not reported any serious side effects. However, it is highly recommended to immediately contact your Pharmacist if you experience any strange side effects.

People exempted from using Viagra

Not every man can use Viagra. Generally, Men with heart disease and Patients with angina pectoris who use nitrates for medical reasons or other purposes are not allowed to use the drug since a combination with Viagra tends to decrease the blood pressure, which can worsen the heart issue and lead to serious and life threatening conditions related to hypertension.

How to buy Viagra online in Australia?

You need a prescription in order to buy Viagra online in Australia. The convenient service offered online allows you to obtain a prescription and medication without meeting with a doctor face to face. Before you place an order, you are required to fill in a brief assessment questionnaire and choose the type of treatment you prefer. The online doctor will then review the information you provided and approve the appropriate treatment for you. Free delivery as well as convenient same day in-store collection service is normally offered allowing you to pick up your order at local Superdrug pharmacy.